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Artus Health Centre (ARTUS) seems to have made a significant impact in the field of rheumatology in Western Canada. Having four medical directors who are Royal College certified rheumatologists and professors at the University of British Columbia, Division of Rheumatology indicates a high level of expertise and credibility. It's great to hear that Artus is not only focused on providing quality healthcare but also on medical education. Training the next generation of rheumatologists is essential for the advancement of the field and the provision of excellent care to patients. The fact that Artus Health Centre serves as a vibrant center for medical education speaks to its commitment to knowledge sharing and professional development. The annual rheumatology education weekend, BRIESE, is another noteworthy initiative by Artus. By welcoming healthcare professionals from across the globe, this event contributes to the exchange of ideas, research, and best practices in the field of rheumatology. Such events play a crucial role in keeping healthcare professionals updated with the latest advancements and fostering collaboration among experts. Overall, it seems like Artus Health Centre is making valuable contributions to the field of rheumatology, both through its clinical services and its commitment to medical education and collaboration.

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