One of the greatest advancements dentistry has made in the last decade is the development and promotion of cosmetic dentistry.

Would you like to improve your smile?

Look in a mirror and smile. Not the smile you show when you know someone is taking your photograph - show your "laughing" smile. Many people have two different smiles. Often their "photo" smile is done in a way to conceal flaws. Some people even cover up their mouth with their hand when they talk or laugh, because they are so self-conscious. Perhaps you are unsatisfied with your smile but aren't exactly sure why. The following self-assessment may help you pinpoint what it is about your smile you don't like. Take a look in that mirror again - what do you see? Look for four important things:

#1 Color

a. Are your teeth dull, yellow, stained or old looking? 
b. Are your front fillings stained, discolored, or broken? 
c. Do you have any caps that don't match the color of your natural teeth? 
d. Are any of your silver fillings stained blue or gray? 

#2 Position

a. Are you missing any teeth? 
b. Are there spaces between your teeth? 
c. Are your teeth crooked or out of line? 
d. Does the middle of your teeth line up with the middle of your face? 

#3 Shape

a. Are any teeth too small? or too big? 
b. Are any teeth chipped or broken? 
c. Are your eye teeth too pointy? or too flat? 
d. Are the biting edges worn down? 

 #4 Gum tissue

a. Are your gums darker around certain teeth? 
b. Do you show too much gum tissue? 
c. Are your gums irregularly shaped? 
d. Have your gums receded? 

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, cosmetic dentistry can help improve your smile. Follow the links below to learn more about some of the options available and what they can do to give you a beautiful smile.

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