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"Therapeutic" Yoga

Backcare Yoga
Designed for people with back problems, stiff or rounded backs. Through movement, we learn to understand our back, in order to prevent or ease the pain.  Helps loosen hips, back and leg muscles while gently strengthening them, offering better support for the entire back. Everyone welcome.

Restorative Yoga

Very gentle Yoga designed for people recovering from injuries, accidents, for seniors, woment in the moon cycle or simply for when we feel a little more tired or emotional - hey, it happens!!  Everyone welcome.

Prenatal Yoga
Prepare physically, mentally and emotionally the future mother for delivery with breathing exercises and gentle stretches. Helps prevent backaches and pregnancy related problems.

Prenatal Yoga for couples
Prepares the couple together throught the process of pregnancy and birth. Invites the partner to assist, while you do postures together, apply gentle massage, learn to relax together etc.

During the postnatal period, we recommend restorative classes. They help relax the new mother and help find inner strength back through relaxing poses. Most of all, it allows the new mother time for herself, which is very precious and important.

Mum & Baby Yoga
This class allows both mother and child to get out of the house and do a fun activity together, while learning about each other. For the mother, the gentle movements help restore her energy after birth, take time for herself in the company of her baby and learn about decoding the baby's non-verbal communication. The baby will benefit from gentle movements, massage and attention which will all help with colic or tantrums. A precious time to share together.

Hatha Yoga
Briefly, Hatha Yoga is the root of all Yoga styles. Hatha means Sun and Moon, implying a notion of balance between two vital poles, just like our mental and physical meeting during the practice. Or like ourselves uniting with the present moment during Yoga, Yin and Yang...

Yoga for all
Multi-level Yoga. Everyone welcome! Plenty of adjustments are offered to suit everyone's needs and abilities.

Intermediate Yoga - advanced beginner

For people who have been practicing on a regular basis for a while, who want to explore deeper their Yogic path. More advanced breathing techniques (Pranayama) and postures (Asanas) are explored, while some postures are held a little longer.

Parent and child

Fun and light class that makes use of kids' wonderful energy. Postures (Asanas) mixed with tales and stories for the youngsters and their parents who want to share their practice with their child. Ages 2 and up.

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