Chiropractic Services
Established as one of the most comprehensive and up to date clinics for Chiropractic in North America, Alliance Healthcare Professionals take pride in their work through the journey of restoration to health and wellness. Chiropractic is based upon the principles of spinal misalignments, causing imbalance throughout the body and thereby interfering with the normal function.

Spinal Decompression Therapy
Spinal Decompression Therapy is a new and revolutionary form of treatment designed specifically to combat low back pain. Far less expensive and invasive as surgery, Spinal Decompression Therapy works by effectively removing compressing forces in the spine hence “decompression”.

Massage Therapy
Our Massage Therapists are highly specialized professionals who work with the soft tissues and joints throughout the body. Specializing in specific release techniques, hydrotherapy and stretches our Massage Therapists affect the local and systemic portions of the body. For these reasons it is apparent that different techniques and methods must be utilized for different cases specified for each patient.

Chiropody (footcare)
Chiropody is a specialized healthcare profession which focuses on the assessment, treatment and prevention of various foot disorders. Chiropody is beneficial from children to adults suffering from foot aliments. In the particular case of children many disorders can go unnoticed leading to later developments of conditions such as back pain, knee or hip pain.

Did you know that the use of Orthotics can alleviate chronic conditions throughout your entire body? It’s absolutely true, Orthotics have been proven to alleviate back, knee, and foot pain. Not to mention Orthotics are essential to battling heal spurs also found in the feet. Early diagnosis and correction through Orthotics can make chiropractic treatments more effective.

At Alliance Physiotherapy we combine cutting edge equipment with a high degree of one on one personal patient consultation. This leads to a high degree of patient satisfaction and success as it is a great aid to our patients. We also work in conjunction with the Active Rehab department this ensures not only great results but also long term preventative measures.

Athletic Therapy (Sports Training)
Exercise is one of the five pillars or essentials of health and wellness. Three times per week or daily exercise is essential to all avenues of health. Exercise stimulates the body and preps it for bodily functions, the expenditure of energy and the most importantly fun! It is a given that the professional athlete utilizes athletic therapists. You will see them on the bench or sidelines of most major sports.

Nutrition in essence is the awareness of food that is less processed, refined or enhanced with additives or colouring. It is the goal of the Nutritionists of Alliance Healthcare Professionals to enact education on our patients and open new perspectives to a healthier, better way of eating. Modern deficiencies in our soils have lost the required supplements, herbs and micronutrients in order to maintain a proper diet.

Homeopathy is a complete system of natural medicines using plants, minerals or animal products in small doses to maximize the bodies ultimate ability to heal itself. Through over 200 years of practice Homeopathy has demonstrated its ability to assist the body in health and wellness optimization. Homeopathic remedies strive to stimulate the bodies own healing power rather then suppressing symptoms such as conventional medicine.

Also known as natural medicine is alternative form of medicine that focuses on remedies that are all natural sources and teaches the body to heal and maintain itself. This is a holistic approach that minimizes the use of surgery and pharmaceuticals.

There are certain times when pain is of particular discomfort. Clinical trials have shown that some patients respond acutely to this ancient Chinese modality called Acupuncture. Modern research shows that this could be due to the release of receptors at the cellular level in your body called endorphins. For this reason Acupuncture can bring positive results in the avenue of speeding up the healing process.

Motor Vehicle Accident Victims
With todays fast pace world it’s easy to get caught up with stress on the road. Thousands of people trying to get to different places at the same time it can definitely add a certain degree of danger to our daily drives. That’s why our team at Alliance is well equipped to deal with the many complications of Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA). Our experience with MVA’s lies in the facets of our team educated to deal with any type of MVA injury.

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