Agape Natural Wellness Center
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Our naturopathic doctors are well-trained to provide the best possible primary health care for you and your family. Our doctors will compassionately listen to your needs and combine a variety of therapeutic modalities to customize your treatment approach.
In order to fully understand you as a whole person, our doctors may recommend specialized naturopathic laboratory testing to investigate the root cause of your health concern.
Our naturopathic doctors strongly believe in the human’s body amazing ability to heal itself. Our role is to provide the guidance required for your body to properly embark on its journey to vibrant health.

Our doctors utilize the following modalities to enhance the body’s self-healing process:
•Botanical Medicine – Western, Chinese & Ayurvedic
•German Biological Medicine
•Intravenous (IV) Vitamin-Mineral Therapy
•Lifestyle Counselling
•Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)
•Oriental Medicine
•Spinal Adjustments
•Therapeutic Nutrition
•Vitamin & Supplemental Therapy

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