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Group Lessons:
Group lessons is when we have the Ladies on one side, the gentlemen on the other with the teacher in the middle. You get to learn how to do the step on your own and once you have it, you try it with a partner. You even get to switch partners towards the end to make sure that the men are truly leading and that the women are truly following. It also gives a chance for the men or woman who come without a partner to try it out with your peers. There is a monthly calendar with all group classes on it showing the different dances and levels with which days they are on (You can find a copy of that Calendar on the Home Page). With the help of the teacher your group classes are chosen and booked, depending on the dances you want to learn in your personalized Program. Having different levels allows for the students of all levels to start and stop at anytime.

Practice Parties:

The Practice Parties allows for you to practice everything you’ve learned in your private & group lessons. There is always a teacher on the side of the floor showing all the students who do not know the dance how to do at least the basics of the dance. Unlike the others, this lesson is designed to “throw you in the water” so to speak. You want to learn to dance but obviously you want to go out and use your new polished skills. We provide you the chance to practice in a controlled environment where everyone is there just to practice and have a little fun.
Go Ahead! Join the Party.

Wedding Package:
Access Ballroom Dance Studios offers an Amazing package that is designed to create a personalized routine for you and your fiance to the wedding song of your choice. You chose the song and we mix it to custom fit the routine that is created for you. You know how important it is for everything to be perfect for that day. So commit yourself to go the extra mile, to get the things you desire to make your Wedding day the most beautiful and Amazing day of your life. This will add so much to your experience that you’ll never forget it.

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