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The 360 Health & Wellness Company manages the operations and marketing for luxury spas across the Lower Mainland BC. We support our spas in continuing to offer the superior standards of service their clients are accustomed to, thus helping to increase the rate of repeat customers, and bring in new ones. Our Approach

Each spa we operate has its own unique style and approach to providing health and wellness services. We know how valuable this is to their patrons.

In our approach, we focus on enhancing the qualities that make each of our spas unique, so that they can continue to deliver truly extraordinary spa experiences to their clients.

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We provide spa management services to a number of Luxury spas and wellness centres across the lower mainland BC. Our relationship with our member spas is based on a mutual desire to provide the absolute best in health and wellness care grounded business models that are effective, efficient and sustainable. Luxury Meets Serenity

Each of our spas has an established reputation for the highest quality of service and care, and a one-of-a-kind spa experience.

We are proud to be able to provide the background support our spas need to maintain their reputation for excellence, while staying true to their unique approach.

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