HealthChoicesFirst Launches Revolutionary Patient Education Centre and Rating System

HealthChoicesFirst Launches Revolutionary Patient Education Centre and Rating System

2016 / 02 / 01

HealthChoicesFirst Launches Revolutionary Patient Education Centre and Rating System


February 1 , 2016 (VANCOUVER) is proud to announce the first video-based Health Care Practitioner Patient Education Centre and rating system for doctors and allied professionals based largely on their educational material and action plans. Unlike other rating systems such as that look at whether or not physicians are liked personally, the HCF rating system will focus on patient education and the holistic patient experience.

“Health Choices First is taking the concept of a rating system to a whole new level by concentrating on patient education and solution-based plans,” says Jackson Sayers, CEO, “We’ve tied our rating system into an educational dashboard for the patient, with videos, Health Talks, action plans and even local referrals. Patients can create their own account and their providers will be able to update it with content that is relevant to that individual.”

Health Choices First is the first Canadian video-based patient education platform that involves local allied healthcare practitioners. Consumer-friendly content is available in an easily-understood video format in French and English, with Indian and Chinese content coming this year.

Health Choices First uses a five-star system to rate both the content of the health care provider’s library on the website and the in-office experience. Questions include ‘Did you feel you were provided enough information on your condition and medications?’ and ‘Did you leave the office with the feeling you have been provided with the best course of action to deal with your situation?’

“This new rating feature is very good, as I can email my patients a secure link to create an account that I can automatically update by adding a new video,” says Dr. Daniel Ngui, a family doctor in Vancouver. “In addition, the patient is updated with local Health Talks relevant to their selected content in their personal library. This also allows local allied practitioners like physiotherapists to become options in the dashboards, offering patients complementary solutions in one personalized location.”

See an example of the rating system at work:

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