2012 / 05 / 24

HealthChoicesFirst.com Announces Appointment of Dr. Maziar Badii to Medical Board


May 24, 2012 (VANCOUVER) HealthChoicesFirst.com is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Maziar Badii to the Medical Board. Dr. Maziar Badii, MD, FRCP is a rheumatologist who specializes in the treatment of neck and back pain. Dr. Badii has practiced rheumatology and spine medicine at Vancouver General Hospital in British Columbia for the past five years and is an Associate Clinical Professor in the Spine Division, Department of Orthopedics, at the University of British Columbia.

Dr. Badii is a research scientist at The Arthritis Research Centre of Canada and has been Director of Neurokine Pharmaceuticals Inc. since 2009. Dr. Badii was a Director of Injury and Disability Prevention at the Occupational Health and Safety Agency for Healthcare (OHSAH) in British Columbia.

“Dr. Badii has a wealth of expertise in areas such as non-surgical management of neck pain and back pain, vertebral compression fractures and vertebroplasty and management of osteoporosis,” says Jackson Sayers, CEO, HealthChoicesFirst.com. “We feel he will be a huge asset as we build upon our libraries of osteoporosis, arthritis, musculoskeletal pain disorders and more.”

HealthChoicesFirst.com is a national health and wellness directory that connects North Americans with providers such as physicians, dentists and physiotherapists based on their geographic location, and features over 1,500 solution-based videos and articles. With resources on topics such as diabetes, nutrition, fitness, prenatal and postnatal health, sexual health and sports injuries, HealthChoicesFirst.com is the largest provider of video content of its kind in North America. HealthChoicesFirst is backed by a number of qualified and experienced partners, and continues to expand its medical and corporate governance boards across the country.

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