What is Spondylolysis of the Spine?

Larissa Roux, MD FRCP Dip Sport Med, MPH, PhD, discusses What is Spondylolysis of the Spine?

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Larissa Roux, MD FRCP Dip Sport Med, MPH, PhD, discusses What is Spondylolysis of the Spine?
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Featuring Dr. Larissa Roux, MD, MPH, PhD, CCFP, Dip Sport Med
What is Spondylolysis of the Spine?
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Spondylolysis is a technical term for a stress fracture in the posterior aspect of one or more vertebrae in the lumbar spine.

It is often the result to repeated stress to this part of the spine that occurs with over arching or hyperextension in this area. In dancers particularly with movements like the ports de bra.

And the pain that results from spondylolysis initially begins as a dull ache while doing the activity and then begins to progress to occurring with activities of daily living. And then can even bother a dancer during her sleep.

Once imaging confirms the diagnosis, be it an X-ray along with a bone scan or an MRI, treatment essentially consists of relative rest, activity modification, physiotherapy, and in some instances the use of a stabilizing brace for support. Tissue healing may take as long as two to three months with appropriate therapy.

If you feel you are experiencing these symptoms, for optimal care and full recovery to dance, please see your local sports medicine physician as soon as possible.

Presenter: Dr. Larissa Roux, Sports Medicine Physician, Vancouver, BC

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