What is Cardiac Resynchronization?

Dr. Kevin Pistawka, MD, FRCSC, Cardiologist, discusses What is Cardiac Resynchronization?

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Dr. Kevin Pistawka, MD, FRCSC, Cardiologist, discusses What is Cardiac Resynchronization?
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Featuring Dr. Kevin Pistawka, MD, FRCSC, Cardiologist
,What is Cardiac Resynchronization? What is Cardiac Resynchronization?
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Cardiac resynchronization is a therapy that’s available now for many patients with heart failure.  

There are some patients that have symptoms despite being on all the right medications, and they’re left still short of breath and weak and fatigued.

Many patients have weakening of the heart muscle, but not only do they have weakening, they have dyssynchrony or they’ve lost that synchronization between the two walls of the heart so that instead of bumping like this one of the walls is moving in while the other is moving out.  

So the way we want to correct that we want to restore that and we electrically put leads down into the left ventricle and into the right ventricle and this allows the heart to now move again in a more synchronous fashion more forcefully and helps treat patient’s heart failure, improves their shortness of breath, reduces their chance of ending up in hospital, and makes them really feel much better.  

It’s an important therapy. Not all patients with heart failure are candidates, but many patients can be helped by this new technology.  
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Presenter: Dr. Kevin Pistawka, Cardiologist, Kelowna, BC

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