Walking and Posture - At the Gym

Jackson Sayers discusses tips on proper posture at the gym.

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Jackson Sayers discusses tips on proper posture at the gym.
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Featuring Jackson Sayers, BSc (Kinesiology)

Duration: 1 minute

The gym is an ideal place to work on your walking technique and improving posture.

Take the time to really focus on your rhythm and technique. As you get on the treadmill, think about how you can slow down, transfer your weight û like right, left, right, left û and get your arms and upper body matching your lower body at an easy tempo.

Think about how your back muscles are working. Don't get caught up with focusing on putting your hands and feet forward and thinking you are getting a good workout. Every time you think about strengthening a muscle, think about strengthening it in a way you'll actually use it.

If you have questions about posture, contact a local kinesiologist or physiotherapist.

Presenter: Mr. Jackson Sayers, Kinesiologist, Vancouver, BC

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