Treating injuries with RICE Regime - Squash

Carl Petersen BPE, BScPT, discusses the RICE regime in squash.

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Carl Petersen BPE, BScPT, discusses the RICE regime in squash.
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Featuring Carl Petersen, BPE, BScPT

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In dealing with injuries on an immediate basis, we usually follow the RICE or the PRICE principle or philosophy.

This includes the P for protection, so protecting the injured joint or protecting the injured muscle. We use R for rest - or modified rest, which is more applicable.

The I is for ice, which we apply on a regular basis for about 15 minutes at a time.

The C is for compression, which puts some pressure around the tissue and minimizes the amount of bleeding into the tissue, which will minimize the scar tissue and adhesions that are forming.

And the E is for elevation which will help to minimize the bleeding in the area as well.

By following the RICE or PRICE philosophy that will help to decrease the severity of the injury by decreasing the amount of bleeding that you're getting into it and also help protect the injury from further damage.

Presenter: Mr. Carl Petersen, Physiotherapist, Vancouver, BC

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