Treating Blood Pressure During Pregnancy

Dr. Barra O' Briain, MD, discusses blood pressure treatment during pregnancy.

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Dr. Barra O' Briain, MD, discusses blood pressure treatment during pregnancy.
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Featuring Dr. Barra O'Briain, MD

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So for hypertension that evolves during the course of the pregnancy, the ultimate treatment is obviously deliver the baby because that usually will settle the blood pressure, and resolve the underlying problem that’s causing the high blood pressure. 

If this high blood pressure event occurs very early in the pregnancy, we try and treat the blood pressure to extend the pregnancy so the baby develops a little bit more. But once you’ve reached the time where you’re between 37 and 42 weeks which we call term, once you reach that milestone rather than treat the blood pressure it’s probably wiser to just induce the labor, and deliver the baby which is the ultimate cure.

If women have high blood pressure in their pregnancy or have questions regarding high blood pressure and pregnancy, then the best person to speak to is their healthcare provider that’s taking care of them during that time.

Presenter: Dr. Barra O'Briain, Family Doctor, Vancouver, BC

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