TENS Machines

Matthew Powell, MCPA, FCAMT, CGIMS, discusses TENS machines.

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Matthew Powell, MCPA, FCAMT, CGIMS, discusses TENS machines.
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Featuring Matthew Powell, MCPA, FCAMT, CGIMS

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TENS is short for trans-electrical nerve stimulation, and these small battery-operated units can produce a current that's suitable for blocking pain.

That's their main use in a physiotherapy situation. There are two ways in which TENS is used: a conventional TENS uses a faster frequency, and the electrode placement of the unit is generally around the area where the pain is felt.

Secondary to that is what is called acupuncture TENS, and that's a lower frequency of two to four hertz. There the goal is muscle stimulation and activation, and the way that works is by producing an endorphin-like response in the body.

If you have questions about TENS machines, contact a local physiotherapist.

Presenter: Mr. Matthew Powell, Physiotherapist, Vancouver, BC

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