Pre-Diabetes Treatment

Dr. Richard Bebb, MD, ABIM, FRCPC, Endocrinologist, discusses pre-diabetes treatment.

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Dr. Richard Bebb, MD, ABIM, FRCPC, Endocrinologist, discusses pre-diabetes treatment.
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Featuring Dr. Richard Bebb, MD, ABIM, FRCPC

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The term pre-diabetes is used to include those individuals who have blood sugars that are not normal but not yet quite elevated to fulfill the diagnosis of diabetes.

It also is including a condition called impaired glucose tolerance which is an abnormal blood sugar, which again isn’t quite into the diabetes range but it’s not normal, and that is the result of an oral glucose ingestion and then a blood test afterwards that we use.

Diabetes doesn’t develop overnight. Type 2 diabetes develops slowly as you get older, as you gain weight, and you become more sedentary in your lifestyle. If you’re seeing your healthcare practitioner regularly you’ll notice that the blood sugar starts to creep up from normal to the pre-diabetes and into the diabetes range.

If you’ve been diagnosed with pre-diabetes, the key treatment is primarily lifestyle, weight reduction, change in your diet, and more exercise. Using services from an exercise physiologist, joining an appropriate gym that’s able to help you and assist you with exercise, seeing a dietician, sometimes going to a diabetes clinic to get all the centralized services available there, and interacting with your physician over this.

Again, it’s always important to discuss this with your personal physician for your particular circumstances.

Presenter: Dr. Richard Bebb, Endocrinologist, Victoria, BC

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