Plant Sterols and High Cholesterol

Diana Steele, BSc, RD, discusses how plant sterols can reduce cholesterol.

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Diana Steele, BSc, RD, discusses how plant sterols can reduce cholesterol.
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Featuring Diana Steele, BSc, RD

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f you've been diagnosed with high LDL cholesterol there are several things you can do with your diet to lower your LDL cholesterol.

First of all, try to reduce your saturated fat intake and that comes from high fat animal products such as high fat dairy and high fat meat products.

You can also increase your polyunsaturated fats from liquid oils and nuts and seeds. You can also add more fish oils by eating fish at least three times a week.

Eating more fruits and vegetables and sources of soluble fiber can actually lower your cholesterol as well, so choosing foods like barley and eggplant as well as oats can be a really good choice.

You also want to make sure that you're eating a lot of antioxidants and antioxidants come from brightly colored fruits and vegetables.

You can also try to add more plant sterols, which have been shown to lower your LDL cholesterol. You can get that from eating more nuts and seeds, liquid oils, and adding foods that have been fortified with plant sterols, such as certain margarines.
If you'd like more information about how to lower your LDL cholesterol, contact your local doctor or your local registered dietitian.

Presenter: Ms. Diana Steele, Registered Dietitian, Vancouver, BC

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