Physiotherapy and Ultrasound Therapy

Matthew Powell, MCPA, FCAMT, CGIMS, discusses ultrasound therapy.

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Matthew Powell, MCPA, FCAMT, CGIMS, discusses ultrasound therapy.
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Featuring Matthew Powell, MCPA, FCAMT, CGIMS
West 4th Physiotherapy Clinic Vancouver BC
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Ultrasound is a modality that we use in physiotherapy when treating soft tissue injuries.

There are two main ways that ultrasound works. Thermal effects are brought about as the high energy sound wave is absorbed in the soft tissues and this creates heat in the deeper tissues and with that comes an inflow of blood, oxygen and nutrients that can help promote healing.

The secondary effect is with non-thermal effects, and these are more concerned with the vibrational change that ultrasound introduces into the tissues.

The effect here is an early stimulus to the cellular immune system, which is concerned with clearing away debris from the damage at the original injury. And it also allows an early entry into the stimulus of the new tissue production.

Not all conditions are sutiable for ultrasound, so consult with your physiotherapist and see whether this treatment is safe and effective for your injury.

West 4th Physiotherapy Clinic Vancouver BC

Presenter: Mr. Matthew Powell, Physiotherapist, Vancouver, BC

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