Peak Flow Meters

Colin Holyk, BSc (Pharm) Pharmacist, discusses peak flow meters.

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Colin Holyk, BSc (Pharm) Pharmacist, discusses peak flow meters.
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Featuring Colin Holyk, BSc (Pharm) Pharmacist
Peak Flow Meters
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For patients with difficulty breathing a great way of monitoring their breathing is with a peak flow meter, and they can do this at home.

There are a number of different peak flow meters available on the market - this is one of them - and I’ll just show it to you here. They’re very easy to use which is great and you can do it at home.

The key thing here is there’s a little measuring device here which determines how much air is being blown through the device, and that gives you an idea of your breathing rate. The best way of using this is to make sure that the reading is at zero.

Presenter: Mr. Colin Holyk, Pharmacist, Vancouver, BC

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