What Causes Medial Elbow Pain

Johnny Yiu, physiotherapist, discusses What Causes Medial Elbow Pain.

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Johnny Yiu, physiotherapist, discusses What Causes Medial Elbow Pain.
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Featuring Johnny Yiu, BHK, MPT
What Causes Medial Elbow Pain
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Medial elbow pain is basically a generalized term that says there's pain in this area.

Again, overhead throwing movements in baseball cause a lot of strain on both the medial and lateral aspects of the elbow, but this valgus stress, which is a force this way, can pull and cause strain on a lot of structures on this part of the arm there.

In baseball players, you need to do a lot of overhead throwing, and this overhead throwing produces a lot of strain, like I said, on the inside of the elbow. What it usually feels like is it's painful to touch, movements like flexing the wrist is quite sore.

You may get a little bit of swelling along that area as well. Throwing will get more difficult, and it might be painful when you do excessive throwing.

For people who may think they have medial elbow pain, I would recommend they contact their local physiotherapist and sport med doctor to get it properly diagnosed.

Presenter: Mr. Johnny Yiu, Physiotherapist, Vancouver, BC

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