How does Weight Factor into Sleep Apnea

Paul Sweeney, RRT, discusses weight loss as a way to help treat sleep apnea.

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Paul Sweeney, RRT, discusses weight loss as a way to help treat sleep apnea.
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Weight loss is definitely something that can help treat sleep apnea.

Some studies have shown up to 78% of people with obesity or morbid obesity can have sleep apnea. So by reducing your weight, sometimes its the hardest thing, but it can relieve some of the weight around your abdomen and your neck and lower your incidence of sleep apnea.

If you think your weight might be causing sleep apnea, contact your general practitioner, dietitian or nutritionist. Unfortunately weight loss can be the hardest thing to do but it is the one thing that can potentially cure sleep apnea as a treatment.

As opposed to the alternatives, which are more of a long term solution, whereas weight loss can actually rectify the problem.

If you have questions about weight as a factor for sleep apnea, contact a local sleep specialist.

Presenter: Mr. Paul Sweeney, Sleep Specialist, Vancouver, BC

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