Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Sinusitis

Dr. Amin Javer, MD, FRCSC, FARS, discusses Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Sinusitis

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Dr. Amin Javer, MD, FRCSC, FARS, discusses Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Sinusitis
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Featuring Dr. Amin Javer, MD, FRCSC, FARS
Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Sinusitis
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But while these patients are waiting for surgery, there are several things that they can utilize to feel better, and those are things that are not going to treat the disease, but at least will make them feel somewhat better. 

There are things like nasal irrigations that are done with saline. There’s also something called manuka honey irrigation. Manuka honey is sort of the latest greatest thing in sinus irrigations because it is a natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. 

Nasal steaming is another very important way to loosen the mucus and let it flow. And it’s very important for people to keep well-hydrated, because sinuses produce a lot of mucus, and you don’t want it to thicken, so hydration is very important. I’ll often tell my patients to get off caffeine and drink more fluids and get themselves more hydrated. 

When it comes to sinusitis, the most important thing is not to ignore it, especially with chronic disease. When you have a chronic sinus inflammation, if it’s not treated adequately, you will eventually end up with it spreading into your lungs. 

The sinuses are a part of the lung, and are actually the first protection to the lung. So because of the united airway concept, the sinuses and the lungs actually work very well together, and if you don’t’ treat the sinuses, the patients will eventually end up with long-standing asthma, and eventually chronic and constant lung damage, which can be very hard to treat in the future, so that’s very important. 

The second aspect is the organs around the sinuses – the eyes and the brain – so you want to make sure that you don’t get an infection that spreads into those organs, and that’s another very important aspect of treating sinusitis.

Treatment of sinusitis is important, opening those drainage pathways means treating them, so that’s very important. And if you have any further questions, you should go ahead and speak to your family doctor or to your local sinus specialist.

Presenter: Dr. Amin Javer, Otolaryngologist, Vancouver, BC

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