Dental Crowns

Dr. Brian Baird, DMD, discusses dental crowns for cosmetic dentistry.

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Dr. Brian Baird, DMD, discusses dental crowns for cosmetic dentistry.
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Dr. Brian Baird, DMD, Dentist

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Crowns have come a long way. You used to have your gold crown which does a nice functional job for you but it looks like gold.

Then we had gold with porcelain over top, which is a nice, very big improvement for the esthetics of things and it does a great job of rebuilding the tooth to its shape and size and strength.

And now we have porcelain crowns, all porcelain crowns can be bonded onto the tooth and rebuild the tooth. The nicest thing about porcelain crowns is we can be a lot more conservative now and save a lot more of the natural tooth structure that you have, which helps even more with the strength of the tooth.

And the all porcelain crowns have come further with advancements so that you can even have one of these all porcelain crown done in one visit. There's no second appointment where it has to come back from the lab. The system that does that is called the CEREC system.

Presenter: Dr. Brian Baird, General Dentist, Vancouver, BC

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