Comprehensive Blood Testing

Dr. Peter House discusses comprehensive blood testing for health assessments.

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Dr. Peter House discusses comprehensive blood testing for health assessments.
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Featuring Dr. Peter House, MD
,Comprehensive Blood Testing
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A comprehensive health assessment is done by a multi-disciplinary team of health professionals, including a kinesiologist - who is an exercise specialist, a dietitian, a physician and often a nurse.

It is approximately a four-hour assessment. It looks at the history of the patient and the family, it looks at appropriate laboratory tests to screen for various diseases and conditions, it looks at fitness, which includes strength, flexibility and aerobic capacity, and it looks at nutrition in a comprehensive manner.

A comprehensive health assessment also includes an audiogram to evaluate hearing, a vision assessment and glaucoma testing, lung function testing, and resting cardiogram. In conclusion of that, you have a stress test when indicated, according to age and gender.

A comprehensive health assessment is indicated in well, healthy people starting at age 40, both for males and females, but for people with pre-existing diseases, conditions or serious risk factors, it could be started at any time, including childhood. That, of course, would be a different model than an adult model.

Presenter: Dr. Peter House, Family Doctor, Vancouver, BC

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