Ankle Injury Braces

Dale Harris discusses orthotic options for bracing ankle injuries.

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Dale Harris discusses orthotic options for bracing ankle injuries.
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Featuring: Dale Harris, President of the SportMed Retail Group

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For ankle injuries there are a couple of products that I really like. For acute sprains, the Aircast Stirrup Brace works really well for preventing inversion and eversion sprains. Two plastic stirrups on either sides, two straps that vertically will support the ankle. There's a foot piece, sits on the bottom and holds the two pieces together.

For chronic sprains, i really like the ASO. It's very similar to having your ankle taped. It's a lace-up style brace that works well in low-profile shoes. There's two diagonal nylon straps that come up either side of the ankle. Again, mimicking having your ankle taped. For back to sport, if you want to try this, it's a great brace.

The other really important thing is to try all these braces on with a pair of shoes that are appropriate for activity, or the most supportive shoe you can get. So, when you're ready to try on some ankle braces, take in your work shoes or your sport shoes.

Go to an experienced fitter in a retail store and try on some different braces and let your ankle decide which is the right brace for you. 

Presenter: Mr. Dale Harris, Bracing & Equipment Specialist, Vancouver, BC

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