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Jody Wiebe, physiotherapist, discusses ACL injuries in soccer.

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Jody Wiebe, physiotherapist, discusses ACL injuries in soccer.
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Featuring Jody Wiebe, BSc, MPT, Physiotherapist

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Body mechanics are really important when you're considering ACL injuries.  

The ACL – ACL injuries tend to happen when the foot is in the planted position, the foot is pronated, the knee is knocked in or the lower leg is kind of rotated inwards – that really puts the individual at risk for tearing the ACL.  

Also, if the knee – during functional motions if the knee is in a more extended position versus bent, so during training sessions it’s really important that the individual themselves and the coaches are promoting proper body mechanics and proper techniques.  

To prevent ACL injuries from happening on the soccer field, it’s important to remember that soft landings are important, the knee should be tracking over the foot, there should be good control through the arch and the foot itself, and good core stability. There are also other things involved.  

If you have any other questions about how to prevent ACL injuries from happening, speak to your physiotherapist. And also, your coach and your trainer can help you with this as well.

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Presenter: Ms. Jody Wiebe, Physiotherapist, Surrey, BC

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