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Wortley Road dental is a team of qualified London dentists, accommodating staff, and ultramodern facilities that lead you to true dental revolution experience.

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You will love our historical cottage in picturesque Wortley Village. Completely renovated with modern equipment, our patient centered, accessible facility is designed for you to meet your needs with a variety of options including family and cosmetic dentistry, dental anxiety care options, dental implants, traditional braces, children’s braces and early intervention, Invisalign, and more.

The Wortley Road Dental mission, “Dental Excellence in an honest caring environment!”

Wortley Road Dental is leading the dental revolution!

Picture yourself coming into a relaxed, professional, modern, caring, and comfortable space where our dental professionals support you in achieving and maintaining your oral health.

It may be difficult to imagine building positive and lasting relationships with your dental family so come and meet us for free!

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