We offer a wide range of physiotherapy treatments which includes…..
Manual (Hands On) Therapy

·          Spinal and peripheral Joint Manipulation and Mobilization;

·          Massage and Soft Tissue Mobilization;

·          Travell’s Trigger Point / Myofascial Release.

Exercise Therapy & Education

·          Stretching and Strengthening Exercises;

·          Proprioceptive / Core Stabilization Exercises for Spinal and Peripheral Joints;

·          Muscle Imbalance and Posture Correction;

·          Breathing Pattern Retraining.

Conventional Physiotherapy Modalities

·          Heat and Cold Treatment;

·          Electrical Modalities include Interferential Currents, Microcurrent, Muscle Stimulation, T.E.N.S.;

·          Ultrasound, Infrared Laser, Mechanical Traction;

·          Athletic and McConnell Taping, Brace / Splint Prescription.

Acupuncture & Cupping

·          Medical Acupuncture (Anatomical Approach),

·          Vacuum Cupping,

·          IMS, Dry Needling Technique: ideal for chronic pain that has been resistant to other forms of therapeutic interventions.


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