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Westside Chiropractic and Associates offers exceptional chiropractic care. Our team recognizes that a single health profession does not have all the answers to your health and wellness questions. That's why we feel that people can benefit from a cooperative interaction with a number of health practitioners, and will refer to other health professionals as needed.

Our approach to your health concerns will fall within all board-recognized guidelines with a holistic approach nd outlook.

Some of the chiropractic techniques and modalities in the Westside clinic include: computerized diagnostics, radiography, gentle and non-manipulative chiropractic treatments, rehabilitative exercise, soft tissue therapy, and Migun Thermassage. Patients can rest assured that Westside’s practitioners are all registered members of their provincial and national board associations.

Spinal Decompression & Triton DTS-« Traction System – Our office offers spinal decompression therapy for patients who suffer from back pain, pinched nerves, or bulging or herniated spinal discs. This chiropractic technique has an 86% chance of effectiveness. Of course, no treatment is 100% successful, and some patients respond better than others to this chiropractic treatment.

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