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What's in a smile? More than a badge of laughter, a bright white and perfect smile is the key to achieving self-confidence and to letting yourself shine as the "real you." At West Central Dental in Edmonton, we see scores of patients struggling with the effects of stained, chipped, and crooked teeth.

The "real you" wants a chance to smile with more beautiful, youthful-looking bright white straight teeth! All you need to do is dial (877) 350-8590 or complete our online form to request a cosmetic dentistry consultation at West Central Dental in Downtown Edmonton.

You don't need a celebrity's salary or stature to have bright, white, sparkling teeth!

Our cosmetic dentistry state-of-the-art tooth whitening treatments are effective at transforming discolored, stained, or aging teeth into a youthful, white smile - an extreme dental makeover with results you can see in as little as one visit!

Have one or two problem teeth that are interfering with an otherwise beautiful smile?

Porcelain dental veneers from West Central Dental are the answer! In as few as two visits, you can dramatically change the shape, color, and length of a tooth or two with custom dental veneers. These thin shells are unobtrusive and so natural-looking, you won't believe they're not your natural teeth!

Do you have unsightly old fillings that keep you from smiling? Think crowns.

It's true that fillings stand out on a tooth and over time, the tooth will continue to deteriorate until the space that needs filling will become too large to sustain. Our cosmetic dentistry answer is a porcelain crown. This natural-looking "cap" covers the affected tooth and eliminates unsightly dark metal lines. West Central Dental in Downtown Edmonton.

What if you're missing teeth due to injury or illness?

Dental implants may be the cosmetic dentistry answer for you. Implants are the perfect-fit custom teeth permanently anchored into your jaw. They're so natural-looking, no one will ever notice you lost some teeth. Dental implants are only available for those with healthy and mostly in-tact oral tissues and jawbone ridges, so not all tooth loss patients may qualify, but Dr. Albert will find a cosmetic dentistry procedure for you!Redesign your smile with dental bonding at West Central Dental in Downtown Edmonton.

People looking for a fast, non-invasive procedure to replacing chipped teeth with sculpted tooth-like material need search no further! Our cosmetic dentistry solution for you might be dental bonding, an affordable and virtually painless way to repair dental flaws due to injury!Forget the "metal mouth" look - you can have your natural smile back again!

It's unpleasant to smile and flash a series of ugly old metal fillings. Tooth-colored cosmetic dentistry restorations can help you achieve a beautiful, youthful smile that looks completely natural. Not only will you look beautiful, but your tooth-colored composite fillings are less likely to show wear or cause teeth to erode.

All available at West Central Dental in Downtown Edmonton.

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