We perform all kinds of dental services, for all kinds of people. Ours is a family practice and our specialty is diversity. We provide a galaxy of services—from cleanings to crowns, from whitening to implants. And if you require dental work that we don't do, we have well-established relationships with the top specialists in the area.

Our menu:

Preventative Dentistry — to stop problems before they start

Velscope — is a device designed to assist in detecting the early stages of oral cancer. To read more about it, please visit http://www.velscope.com/

General Dentistry — for all the standard dental care you'd expect, and more

Esthetic Dentistry — for beautiful smile transformations

Crowns — to protect and restore damaged teeth

Bridges — to replace missing teeth and prevent further loss

Periodontics — for the treatment of infection

Oral Surgery — for the more complex dental needs

Sealants — to close up tiny cracks and fissures

Gold restorations — for quality, durable dental work

Implants — for the modern method of tooth replacement

These are some of the services we offer. And "offer" is the operative word—we'll examine, and we'll advise, but when it comes to treatment decisions, the choice is always yours.
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