Vestibular Rehabilitation Brampton

Paul Godlewski is happy to help restore imbalances and dizziness through vestibular rehabilitation in Brampton. This therapy is guaranteed safe, effective, and non-invasive. Further, their vestibular rehabilitation in Brampton is especially designed to get you back on your feet with a brief recovery period. This therapy uses science-based treatments, securing useful and effective procedures in treating such discomforts. The type and number of treatments are customized to your needs and conditions, including symptom relief, gaze stability exercise, balance training, habitual exercise, and many more. Paul Godlewski will attend to your needs, no matter how unique these are. Feel free to visit their shop at 1577 Danforth Avenue, Unit #4, Toronto, Ontario, M4C 1H7, Canada or head to this page for more info on the vestibular rehabilitation in Brampton.

Vestibular Rehabilitation Brampton Practitioners

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