Vancouver School of Body Work & Massage
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The Vancouver School of Bodywork & Massage is a boutique institution offering an unparalleled educational experience. Our programs reflect our passion for holistic wellness and were specifically tailored to suit the needs of the expanding spa and wellness industry. Our beautiful brick and timber loft space is in an award-winning heritage building in downtown Vancouver and is accessible by public transit from anywhere in the Lower Mainland.

Class sizes are limited to 24 students, creating an intimate and personal environment. Instructors are of the highest caliber - PhDs and MDs, chiropractors, physiotherapists, and naturopaths. The collective knowledge and experience of our faculty is astounding, but what truly sets our instructors apart is that they are people of integrity and heart. The supportive learning atmosphere at VSBM fosters exceptionally caring and capable practitioners who graduate well-equipped to make a positive contribution to the world of holistic health.

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