The assessment of children, including psychometric testing, projective testing and diagnosis. A diagnosis is made when it is in the best interests of the child and when services and interventions can only be assessed once an appropriate diagnosis has been made.

Neurobiofeedback (brainwave biofeedback) is a computerized learning technique in which an individual's brainwave activity is fed back to them for the purposes of learning how to better self -regulate arousal/activity aspects of their brain waves. Neurotherapy can be used to increase relaxation (over arousal), activation (under arousal), and stabilization (instability) and results in more efficient regulation of energy level, mood, concentration, and stability of consciousness. It also facilitates the ability to shift between states of consciousness such as from concentration to relaxation, and from being awake to going to sleep. Changes in brain wave activity due to neurotherapy occur at an organismic level without requiring conscious monitoring and application. The mind learns to better balance itself, a little like someone learning to ride a bicycle. Given the right circumstances it just happens.

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