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Cosmetic enhancement is almost as old as civilization itself. With the recent fusion of technology and knowledge, more and more people are interested in turning on the power of radiant skin. In response to this need Dr. Martin Braun and Susan Braun founded the Vancouver Laser and Skin Care Centre in 1996. Their designated laser treatment and facial rejuvenation clinic in Vancouver provides a tasteful, unique, private atmosphere for those seeking individual cosmetic consultations, physician-grade skin care products, laser hair removal, skin rejuvenation and the most technologically advanced aesthetic treatments. More and more procedures are being added as technology marches on, and as the clinic grows we continue to add more staff. Dr. Jon Brock has recently joined our team. With accelerated developments and new techniques, procedures are safer than ever and results are more natural looking. Therapeutic, physician-developed skin care products and the newest, most effective non-invasive skin correction treatments are used alone or in combination to provide a range of solutions and new options for patients at the Vancouver Laser & Skin Care Centre. The vast range of choices available in the world of aesthetic medicine make it possible to dramatically improve your appearance without resorting to surgery. At the Vancouver Laser and Skin Care Centre, highly trained staff work with the doctors to provide the individual attention, instruction and follow up that are essential to achieving results. As an integral part of a diverse group, each member is a highly trained professional in his/her respective area of expertise. The vast amount of knowledge, training and experience is complemented by a caring, patient-centered approach to daily activity.

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