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AT UNIVERSITY CANCER & BLOOD CENTER, WE’VE BEEN FIGHTING ON THE FRONT LINES OF CANCER TREATMENT SINCE WE FIRST OPENED OUR DOORS IN 1981. All about peopleWe’re proud of how our training, research, and commitment have combined to positively impact patient outcomes. But through it all, we’ve found that the greatest discoveries we’ve made are actually about people.

We’ve learned that we have both a motivation and a responsibility to further serve and support the emotional, logistical, and financial needs of both our patients and their families. We’ve come to value our relationships within our communities. We’ve realized that people in underserved rural areas deserve equal access to care and treatment. We’ve discovered that by considering each patient’s struggle as uniquely their own, we’re more inclined to exhaust every available option for recovery. And we’ve come to appreciate the perseverance and commitment of the entire UCBC family.

A HISTORY OF CARE For nearly 40 years, University Cancer & Blood Center has been serving the oncology and hematology needs of patients in Athens, Northeast Georgia and beyond. While we’re intent on consistently providing the highest level of care possible, we’re increasingly focused on a deeper, more holistic approach to address and serve the broader needs of our patients and their families: Social support services, nutrition counseling, transportation, in-house pharmacy, palliative care. These expanded offerings all work towards enhancing and growing our broader mission.

A LEADER IN CLINICAL RESEARCH Clinical TrialsAt UCBC, we’re proud to play a vital role in helping to advance cancer treatment research. As the second most prolific clinical trial facility in Georgia we know that we’re part of a global community of researchers, collectively working towards a common goal. But breakthroughs in research is not our primary motivator for trial participation. Our top priority has always been to serve the needs of our patients first and foremost. As a result, we approach clinical trial opportunities as an extension of patient care, incorporating them whenever we perceive evidence that they may be beneficial towards an individual’s treatment and recovery. And in the process of our trial participation, we’ll have already gained vital experience on the utilization and effectiveness of many new treatments once they come to market.

AT HOME HERE IN ATHENS Just 60 miles from Atlanta, the community of Athens, Georgia clings to its individuality. The presence of a major university fosters a melting pot of ideas and personalities. Here, we reward independence, ingenuity, and inclusion. That’s why we chose this community in which to put down our roots. Our commitment to providing localized ‘hometown care’ on the same level of quality as national cancer care specialists has proven to be a welcome and comfort to Athenians.

Athens GeorgiaWe’ve worked hard to earn the trust and appreciation of the greater Athens community. Today our physicians are consistently recognized as authorities in their areas of specialization, and in fact UCBC physicians lead most of the annual cancer care conferences that occur at both St. Mary’s and Piedmont Athens hospitals. In 2005, to help offset the extreme financial burden that a cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatment can place on families, we established the Cancer Foundation of Northeast Georgia which benefits not only our patients, but all of those within our region. Through all of our efforts, we’ve established a deep connection within this community, and we can’t imagine being anywhere else.

SERVING ALL OF NORTHEAST GEORGIA As our presence and reputation grew beyond the greater Athens area, we became aware of the lack of access to oncology and hematology services available to patients in more rural areas of Northeast Georgia. Many of the treatments that we provide are both time consuming and physically demanding for patients, and factoring in lengthy travel distances only furthers the discomfort and inconvenience. With this in mind, we’ve committed to extending our services to patients in communities across the region. We’ve set up convenient, strategically located satellite offices in more rural areas where lengthy travel to receive care would otherwise be necessary. As we’ve expanded our reach, we’ve made many new friends in these unique neighboring communities.

OUR PEOPLE REALLY DO MAKE THE DIFFERENCE All about peopleAt University Cancer & Blood Center, we pride ourselves on listening. On providing hope, guidance, and comfort. On getting up each day and striving to make a positive impact on the lives of patients and their families. And while we remain ever optimistic in our mission, the reality is that providing cancer care and treatment can be a heartbreaking and sometimes debilitating struggle that not everyone is cut out for. So for the entire UCBC family – from our front-desk staff to our counselors, nurses, technicians and physicians – who’ve chosen to accept their calling, we salute them for their efforts and recognize them as the very special individuals that they are.

LOOKING AHEAD UCBC tomorrowIf our nearly 40 years of experience in health care have taught us anything, it’s that change is inevitable. Population growth in our region will bring more competition. Consolidation of independent health-care practices is an increasing reality. We simply can’t predict what’s to come.

Yet our confidence remains high, our motivation is unceasing, and so our mission continues. Today, we’re constructing a new state-of-the-art cancer center that will provide all services under one roof. We’re researching locations for new satellite offices. We’re implementing primary care services to further support our most underserved patients. We’re expanding our research to increase the chances for patient survival and recovery. And we’re continuously recruiting the most caring and talented individuals available.


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