Toronto Rudd Clinic

The Rudd Clinic is a world-leading out-patient centre for diseases of the colon and rectum, colon cancer prevention and related medical treatments.

1Colonoscopy. We prevent colon cancer through early detection. By removing benign, pre-cancerous polyps from the lining of the colon (large intestine), cancer can be prevented — and early stage cancers can be completely cured.

2Gastroscopy (EGD). We perform this routine procedure to examine the upper part of the gastrointestinal tract. Cancer and other diseases of the stomach and esophagus can be detected through this test.

3Patient Info. We strive to relieve the pain and distress of colon and rectal ailments through patient care. This includes hemmorhoids, fissures, fistula, gas, bleeding, hematoma, pain, and many other common problems that people need not endure. These are all procedures done in our clinics, avoiding the cost and inconvenience of hospitals.

4Consultations. We provide consultations for other doctors, anywhere in the world. Not every doctor has experience with colorectal health. We are a world-leading referral centre where they can receive expert consultative support.

Please feel free to contact the Rudd Clinic at any time with questions or inquiries you may have about colonoscopies or any aliment of the colon or rectum. Please use the phone numbers and addresses or contact form we have provided for this purpose.

If we do not take the time to prevent disease, we will have to take the time for illness!

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Where Are We?

To find us, please use the directions we have provided in our Contact Us page for those who need to visit any of our clinics.