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Massage therapy enhances joint function, improves circulation, increases metabolism and promotes the overall healing process. It is effective for many conditions in which body relaxation, the reduction of swelling and muscle mobilization are required. Therapy helps to bring relief from the stresses of everyday living and injury.

Whether searching for a way to deal with the stresses of daily life, seeking relief for a medical condition or wanting to maintain health and balance in their lives, more and more Canadians are turning to therapeutic massage. Massage is not a luxury. It is a necessity. Research has shown therapeutic massage relaxes muscles, increases blood circulation and lymph flow, improves healing time of strained ligaments and muscular tissues, reduces inflammation in joints, improves range of motion, reduces the heart rate, increases endorphins which is the body's way of reducing pain.

CROSS FIBRE MASSAGE In a perpendicular direction, friction is created by rubbing across sore muscle fibers, helping to release muscles from adhesions and scars.

DEEP COMPRESSION MASSAGE A rhythmic pumping action which helps flush metabolic wastes.

TRIGGER POINT THERAPY Direct pressure is applied to anesthetize or desensitize trigger points-highly sensitive areas in the muscles and connective tissue.

HYDROTHERAPY Water-cold or hot, fresh or mineral-is often used in several therapeutic ways.

CRYOTHERAPY/ICE THERAPY The application of ice to the body with ice packs/blocks, commercial gel packs & immersion in ice water

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