The Wellness Counselling Group
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At the Wellness Counselling Group we utilize a highly effective Anxiety Management Program to help you overcome your negative, irrational thoughts so you can become an assertive, empowered person ready for the challenges that life sends you.

  • Those of you that are tired of worrying all the time over trivial things.
  • Those of you who experience physical signs of anxiety – headaches, abdominal knots / butterflies, nausea, diarrhea, dizziness, hot and cold flashes, sweating, and many others.
  • Thinking a trauma over and over again and avoiding things that remind you of that trauma – eventually leading to phobias.
  • Those of you who fear failing or challenging yourself and therefore never end up accomplishing what you would like to accomplish (public speaking = affect on career etc…)
  • Those of you who fear separation from a place such as your home, or from your family members.

We can help
One of the first treatments used with Anxiety and Panic Disorders is Psychological Treatment (before medication is required). There are three elements to treatment that help those cope and conquer anxiety disorder.


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