The Sports Medicine Specialists
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The Sports Medicine Specialists offer a variety of different therapeutic options to suit your daily or active needs. Please feel to browse through the serives below. If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at 416.481.1601 or email us. 


 Physical therapeutic services we offer.

  •   Athletic Therapy  
  •   Physiotherapy
  •   Massage Therapy  
  •   Chiropractic Services  
  •   Pilates
  •   Isokinetics
  •   Dynamic Functional Retraining (DFT) 
  •   Shockwave Therapy
  •   ERP     

As with any structure, if the foundation is not stable, the elements above become affected.  This also applies to ones feet, the foundation of your body.  Imbalances of the supporting structures of your feet can result in excessive foot motion... 
The Sports Medicine Specialists provide custom knee braces made to measure to your exact leg size.  These braces are rigid, double-hinged and light-weight and are covered by most health insurance plans.  Measurements are made without making a cast mold of your leg. The turn around time for ordering this device is two weeks.  The Athletic Therapist responsible for these custom braces will discuss and ensure the brace fits properly and will educate each individual on its use and wear.  The conditions that are protected by a custom knee brace are ACL deficient knees, MCL/LCL laxity or injury, pre and post-operative knee injuries, meniscus damage, osteoarthitis and osteochondritis dessecans. 
Optimum nutrition is key to good health and peak performance whether on the playing field, at home or in the office.  Nutrition assessment and recommendations by an experienced Registered Dietitian/Sports Nutritionist can set you on a positive track to meet your goals.
Sports Store 
The on site Sports Store carries a wide range of products to accommodate all your bracing and therapeutic needs. From ankle braces to contoured neck pillows, we've got what fits you.

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