The Sherbrooke Cosmetic Surgery Centre

Rejuvenation procedures:

    * Endoscopic forehead lift
    * Eyelid rejuvenation
    * Facial and neck lifting procedures
    * Skin rejuvenation: Botox, fillers

Cosmetic surgery procedures:

    * Nose surgery
    * Cheek/chin enhancement
    * Correction of prominent ears
    * Lip enhancement
    * Neck liposuction

The following procedures are offered at the Sherbrooke Cosmetic Surgery Centre:

    * Breast augmentation with saline or breast
      silicone gel implants
    * Breast lift without or with implants
    * Breast reduction
    * Correction of breast asymmetry
    * Reduction of male breast using liposuction
      and or excisional surgery
    * Abdominal liposuction
    * Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck)
    * Removal of stretch marks.
    * Liposculpture of the flanks, saddle bags,
      thighs and knees
    * Thigh lift
    * Lower body lift after major weight loss

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