The Medicor Cancer Centres
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Comprehensive Care

Medicor Cancer Centres’ unique approach to cancer care allows us to address patient’s varied needs and care requirements by offering tests and treatments not available elsewhere.

Our care approach is based on exploring and offering a multipronged treatment plan which combines conventional allopathic and naturopathic therapies with off-label and innovative treatments as needed. Our research shows that many promising cancer treatments do not make it to the mainstream due to numerous financial or administrative reasons. We endeavor to bring many such tests and treatments to our patients in a safe and timely manner. A few examples of our services include:

  • ChemoFit™ test
  • PET scan
  • DCA (dichloroacetate) therapy
  • TM (tetrathiomolybdate) therapy
  • High Dose Vitamin C therapy
  • Prostate Clinic

Our services can range from arranging and coordinating all aspect of you cancer care to providing one time remote consultation services depending on your needs.

All patients start with an in-depth consultation with their Medicor physician. We firmly believe that cancer treatment needs to be individualized to each patient’s unique needs. Patients should be able to dictate and make informed decisions about their care. We encourage open discussion with our patients and their families to understand their needs and customize the treatment plan.

Based on the patients’ need we can then organize tests and start treatment. Treatments can include standard conventional therapies which can be augmented with off-label therapies if necessary. Naturopathic consultation with our Medicor naturopath can also be arranged to enhance your care.

Many patients choose to complement their existing treatments with other promising therapies (link)and we have seen encouraging results (link) with different combinations.

Our services also include the option of subscribing to our ongoing monthly care which includes 24/7 physician support with many uninsured services. It is designed to provide a coordinated, comprehensive approach to continually optimize your care and potential for remission or cure.

For patients who unable to come to our clinic, we offer a unique telemedicine program for consultation and remote care to assist you and your existing health care team.

Whether you need a specific therapy such as DCA, or live outside Greater Toronto please contact us. We will be happy to create a custom package for you. We build your care for your needs.


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