Families Together       
Service Description:
In all its work with families, TFC strives to help families recognize, strengthen and broaden their assets, so they can be more effective as a family unit and as individual family members. TFC staff work with parents and children to help them understand and value their individual assets, strengths and skills, and how building upon these assets will strengthen not only their health and effectiveness, but the effectiveness of the family as a whole.

The program model combines residential programming in conjunction with support services to families to optimize family reunification and minimize a child/youth’s time in care.

A core of staff supports family members through three stages of family reunification.
Family Support       
The Family Support Program provides support to families that are referred by Child and Family Services.  These families either have Family Enhancement Agreements or Core Protection status. Generally, the families receiving these services require intensive support.

Our Family Support Workers provide supportive working relationships with families, while providing educational information on family functioning and child development.  We also connect families to natural supports, community resources and services.  Family Support Workers continually assess risk within homes.  We complete thorough assessments that guide future work.  We support families in developing healthy coping and problem solving skills, parenting skills and life management skills, while promoting families to make positive changes.  We advocate on behalf of our families both within Child and Family Services and externally to systems within communities.

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