As all our shoppers know, The Big Carrot is filled with enticing and unique products. If you are a newcomer, we are excited to have you come by our store sometime soon to browse our aisles. By combining the finest quality that nature has to offer with all the delicious flavours that your tummy will love, our grocery section is loaded with tempting foods for any occasion. For your body, we have an amazing selection of effective and safe natural supplements and body care products.

The Big Carrot is a whole lot more than just products. We have many great services that we are also proud to offer you. For example, we have free store tours with our in-store nutritionists, and free Thursday evening lectures on different health and environmental issues. We also offer introductory vegetarian cooking classes with Nettie Cronish and NEW single evening classes specializing in specific dietary needs prepared by some of the best qualified instructors in Toronto. The Big Carrot now offers our new 'Nutritionists' Corner' where you can read on-line advice about pertinent health issues, written by one of our in-store nutritionists.

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