Terrace Fitness and Racquet Club
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Fit 'N' Well Personal Training Inc. has been personal training at the Terrace Fitness Club since 1998.

If you are you uncomfortable in a gym setting, or don't know where to start;  Fit 'N' Well offers all members of the Terrace Fitness Club a free fitness consultation by a certified personal trainer.

If  you've experienced a plateau in your routine or  haven't changed your routine in the past 6-8 weeks, it is definitely time for a change. Your routine should be changed every 4, 6 or 8 weeks to keep those results coming. Our personal trainers can help you by seeing you several times a week, once a week or just once a month or so just to change your routine.

Good nutrition is very important. You can have great exercise habits and lousy eating habits and get no where. Here is your first tip...Consume a diet rich in water rich vegetables (vegetables should be your staple food), good quality starches (whole grain) and lean protein. Fit 'N' Well personal trainers  highly recommend this book as  a great resource for healthy eating.

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