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In 2014, Synergy Physio recognized the need for a larger space to accommodate the growing demand from patients. With only two treatment rooms and no separate movement space, they embarked on a search for a new location. After visiting numerous sites, they found their ideal home at 267 W. Esplanade in North Vancouver. The new space offered everything they were looking for, including an abundance of natural light, which creates a pleasant environment for both patients and physiotherapists. Moving to the "flat part" of North Vancouver was particularly appealing after being situated on the steepest part of Lonsdale for 10 years. The area surrounding the new clinic was undergoing a transition, with several large developments already completed across the street and more underway. This added to the appeal of the location, creating a beautiful environment with green spaces and well-designed buildings. In 2019, Synergy Physio expanded its services to include a Pilates Studio, providing patients with an additional avenue for rehabilitation and wellness. The new studio offers a dedicated space for Pilates exercises, enhancing the comprehensive approach to patient care offered by the clinic. Overall, the move to the new location and the addition of the Pilates Studio have allowed Synergy Physio to better serve their patients, providing them with a beautiful and functional space for their rehabilitation and wellness needs.

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