Susan Henderson, Registered Psychologist
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Your first session is used to quickly and accurately gain information about you and your problems. A standard set of questions is used for everyone, with additional questions specific to your situation and background. Some questions are used to gather basic facts we are required to keep for all clients. Others are about your life experiences and feelings. This process is not difficult. There are no right or wrong answers. You just need to try to be honest. The questions are necessary so that feedback later on is from a well-informed psychologist who can do a better job.

Finally, you are asked why you came for therapy, and we discuss your reply to the extent time allows. This is usually the conclusion of your first session.

Future sessions usually focus on the issue(s) that brought you to therapy. Treatment takes time. Expecting a resolution in one or two sessions is generally unrealistic.

Trust is an important factor in treatment. Generally, the more you participate and the more open you are, the better the outcome.

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