Hot Yoga is one of the most popular styles of yoga today. The studio is heated, warming you inside-out. The heat encourages flexibility and the safe stretching of muscles. Feel energetic, vibrant and strong as toxins are released from the body through sweat. After limbering up the body, you transition into a series of standing and floor postures and exercises that target the abdominals, back and pelvis to create a toned, balanced and strong body. You focus on learning and exploring precise alignment in each posture while maximizing stamina, strength, body awareness and mental focus.

Ashtanga Yoga connects various physical poses, called "asanas," into energizing sequences. The well-know "sun salutation" sequence is the basis of all ashtanga yoga. Students learn to safely move in and out of postures, and are introduced to the elements of the ashtanga practice, including correct breathing and gazing points. Synchronizing your breath with the postures produces an internal heat and a purifying sweat detoxifies muscles and organs. Improve circulation and create a light, strong body and a calm mind.

Hatha Yoga is a quieter style of yoga. Focus is on alignment and breath, and go deeper into each individual posture, while encouraging lengthening and stretching of the muscles. Restore balance and expand awareness of the body, breath and mind, in this challenging and detailed-oriented physical practice.

Vinyasa Power Power Flow (Power Yoga) classes are lively, energetic, flowing classes synchronizing breath with movement. Through practice, students are able to build strength, flexibility, and concentration. Cleanse the body and calm the mind. You can expect a great cardiovascular and strength building workout combined with breath work (pranayama).

The term "vinyasa" is a word used to define the mindful flow in the sun salutation series of: chaturanga, up dog, down dog, all linked by ujayyi pranayama breathing. This sequence builds upper body strength and heat in the body, while stretching the legs and relaxing the spine.

Most Vinyasa Power Flow classes are modeled on the Ashtanga style of yoga. The term Vinyasa Power Flow (Power Yoga) was created by teachers looking to make Ashtanga yoga more accessible. These classes are appropriate for beginners through to advanced students. Modified versions of more challenging postures will always be given. Students are always supported to work at their own pace. Balance postures, standing and seated postures will be included to help build strength, endurance, and increase flexibility, relieve tension and lift your spirits.

Gentle Yoga uses supports called "props" instead of muscular tension to maintain poses. Gentle yoga is perfect for those who would like to work at a slower, gentler pace. This class emphasizes moving with ease and comfort, with breath awareness to increase strength, flexibility and endurance. Slower exploration of postures allows for deep relaxation and quiet meditation.

Yoga for Runners Yoga and running have a lot in common. They require regular practice, strength, flexibility, mental focus and a structured breathing method. Running is high impact and repetitive; without proper care, running can cause long term damage to the joints. Maintaining a well balanced body is crucial to avoid injuries. Yoga is a perfect cross training tool for runners. Yoga builds strength, stamina, and increases flexibility. One of the most important elements of yoga is learning how to breathe. This is critical for runners because you need to pump large amounts of oxygen into your lungs and muscles.

Kid's Yoga is a mix of breathing exercises and various fun poses to promote physical strength and flexibility, develop better coordination and self-control. This is a unique program suitable for children. Through the use of imagination, creative postures, games and sharing, children discover how they can affect their inner state. Pre-registration is required.

Private Yoga Sessions are a wonderful way to deepen your practice, as well as explore your body's needs. If you've ever wondered whether you are practicing "correctly," or if you want someone to show you adjustments, schedule a 60 minute Private Yoga Session.

Post Natal Yoga
Motherhood: undeniably one of the most challenging roles in the world.  Amid all of the marvelous rewards of nurturing a child, new mothers face an array of changes, not only of the world around them, but within themselves. Join a post-natal yoga class and relish in some time for yourself!  Classes encourage you to strengthen and tone, balance thoughts and emotions, locate vital energy, and support self-exploration.

Body & Mind Therapy is a 90 minute program designed for people of all ages and physical abilities. Including simple postures, stretching, breathing techniques, visualization and meditation, Body & Mind Therapy helps release emotions, open blockages and encourage the free flow of energy in the body. Through awareness and opening of the heart and chakras, energy can circulate and the body becomes balanced and healed. Schedule an appointment.

Pilates is an exercise technique designed to stretch, strengthen and balance the body.  Through a series of exercises aimed at building muscle strength and rebalancing the body, it focuses the deep postural muscles within the body. The exercises have a specific sequence, breath and flow.  The goal is to develop deep, stabilizing core strength in the abdominals and the lower back.  Deep awareness and focus is the basis to all Pilates exercises. Pilates is excellent for improving posture, strength and flexibility and aligning the body correctly.  It also teaches co-ordination, concentration and control of the body.

Hot Pilates
Try Pilates in a heated room for greater intensity and detoxification, while encouraging increased flexibility.  Due to the increased temperature, breathing is more intense.

Reiki Therapy
Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions and mind, creating beneficial relaxation and feelings of peace, security and well-being.  Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self improvement that everyone can use.

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