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Our doctors and staff are committed to providing patients with the highest quality of care in all aspects of optometry. Our services include;

Comprehensive Eye Examinations
Your eye examination will include assessment of your vision, measurement of your spectacle prescription, how your eyes work together, and the health of your eyes, checking for glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration.

A visual field screening is a standard test issued to all patients receiving a full eye examination. This is a fast and simple computerized test that allows earlier detection of glaucoma. It also screens for multiple sclerosis, some brain tumors and various ocular diseases.

Contact Lens Services
We provide a full spectrum of contact lens fitting including lenses for astigmatism, bifocal contacts and the Pure Vision extended wear contact lens. New contact lens wearers are provided with trial contact lenses and full training on wearing and caring for contact lenses.
Following the MSP and BCAO guidelines, a full eye examination does not include a contact lens evaluation; therefore patients are billed for contact lens services when they are provided.

Spectacle Dispensing
Spectrum Optometry offers a full service dispensary with a wide selection of traditional and designer frames for adult and children. Our experienced staff will assist you select the proper eye wear to accommodate your prescription and life style.

Our success with patients adapting to lenses is due to our opticians taking careful and precise measurements at the time of dispensing and using the latest lens technologies available. Most importantly, taking the time to understanding how you use your eyes and ensuring the lens selected meets your demanding requirements.

Our opticians have the tools available to support most eye wear in the event of a minor mishap or for routine frame adjustments.

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