South Edmonton Physical Therapy & Sport Rehab
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South Edmonton Physical Therapy & Sport Rehab provides treatment for all types of injuries to muscles, joints, and the spine. We employ an active treatment approach, not only helping reduce the pain of your injury, but aim to restore your body to it's pre injury state in terms of strength, endurance, and flexibility. We also pay particular attention to ways in which you may prevent recurrence of your problem.

 We are also able to provide the following.
• Functional Ability Evaluations
•Onsite Job Demands Analysis
•Ergonomic Evaluations
•On Site Athletic Event Coverage
•Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) Treatment
•Home Exercise Programs
•Footmaxx Computerized Orthotics
•Manipulative Therapy
•Post Surgical & Post Fracture Rehabilitation
•Massage Therapy
•Acute & Chronic Orthopedic & Sport Injuries
•Personal Training Services
•Work Related & Motor Vehicle Accident Injury Programs

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